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Jasper Technocare

Security, Innovation, Education

Technology for Humanity

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We're Creative

Promoting dreams to reality, one step at a time. Our core team comprises only those who are the most passionate about technology.

We're Professional

On time, delivered, every-time.

We're Secure

In our digitally connected universe, security is often an afterthought. At Jasper Technocare, we think and speak digital security.

Unit of The Preventia Group

JASPER TECHNOCARE - is a Unit of The Preventia Group of Companies, a conglomerate of 10 business entities servicing the industries of health, wellness and resources.


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Our Services

Information Security

R.U.D.R.A - Resource Unit for Defence, Resilience and Analytics is our information security wing. We combine state of the art solutions, with deep rooted trust and razor sharp tech skills.
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Tech Development

We design and implement tech in a variety of industries. Our current projects include computer vision for sports medicine and rehabilitative care, and major projects for the education industry.

Education and training

Hands on training, internships, hackathons and active mentoring. We believe in a long term goal towards society, and imparting practical knowledge in technical areas is key for a successful future.
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Food Technologies and Food Processing

Jvala is a 100% natural drink only with natural herbal aroma. The presence of herbs will provide freshness and healthy appettite with soothing aromatic effect.
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R.U.D.R.A is an acronym for Resource Unit for Defense, Resilience and Analytics. We provide information security services. Our lean team of professionals share an obsessive passion for everything tech, and we’re always looking to push the limits of what is possible through innovation.

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Jasper Edu

Certification courses on cybersecurity that impart the hands on training that's required to be relevant on the information security industry. We also provide internships to students and freshers willing to go the extra mile and learn the job hands-on.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - The modern medical system is interwoven with medical engineering. Technology plays a major role in diagnosis and treatment. We focus on equipment for neurological and physiological mapping. We work on a number of innovations such as technology to quantify neuro-transmissions, brain-waves, sympathetic and para-sympathetic nerves impulses. We're also in the process of developing software for physical pose estimation for rehabilitative care and sports medicine.

New development from Jasper Techno-care under The Preventia Group, supportive for rehabilitation therapies

Development supportive for Physio therapists and rehabilitation sectors.

HOME SECURITY - Customized security systems with advanced facilities and automation. After analysing the social situations, work and life-style requirements our specially trained technical team will meet the requirements for your overall protection

WORKSPACE SECURITY - Systems engineered to optimise business productivity and reduce risk while maintaining privacy. We undertake your protection and productivity simultaneously through our modern bio-digital surveillance systems.

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2nd Floor, Symphony, Nehru Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 8971233256